Metatrol is Fermented Wheat Germ Extract – Super Concentrate!

A Marvel of Science!

Medical researchers have long known that stress and injury can alter cell metabolism and weaken immune system regulation, leading to serious health complications. Nobel Laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi published research in the 1980s showing that compounds found in very minute quantities in wheat germ could help restore healthy cellular metabolic function.* Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (FWGE) was created when a process was developed to concentrate these compounds by fermenting wheat germ using baker’s yeast. Now you can experience the health benefits of wheat germ for yourself!

A Miracle of Nature!

Wondering where to buy your fermented wheat germ extract? American BioSciences first introduced FWGE to the United States in 2005, and it has been amazing researchers, impressing doctors, and satisfying consumers ever since. More than 40 articles have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals describing hundreds of studies with FWGE in cell lines, in animals, and in human clinical trials showing safety and efficacy. Research shows that FWGE helps to provide remarkable health benefits in a wide range of serious health conditions.* When fermented wheat germ extract is taken orally it helps to:

  • Promote cellular metabolic regulation, maintain healthy oxidative glucose metabolism, and curb abnormal non-oxidative metabolism.*
  • Redirect energy to healthy cells for renewed vitality and enhanced quality of life.*
  • Support optimal immune system function.*
  • Regulate a balance of cellular and humoral immunity (Th1/Th2).*


The BioActive Fractionmetatrol1

Extensive research on FWGE drew the attention of scientists at a leading NCI-designated academic research center. They invited American BioSciences to join a research collaboration to identify the individual molecules in FWGE that account for its biological functionality, and find the bioactive fraction. This research collaboration determined:

  • In its natural form FWGE consists of thousands of molecules, but 100% of the biological activity and health benefits of wheat germ are provided by less than 100 molecules, which compose the bioactive fraction.
  • Non-active molecules dilute FWGE bioactives. They include gluten and gliadin, which may contribute to unwanted inflammation.

American BioSciences developed a patent pending combination of technologies, used in food processing, which concentrates the bioactive fraction, referred to as FWGE-SC (Fermented Wheat Germ Extract– Super Concentrate). Non-active molecules, including gluten, are excluded. Studies show that 41 mg of FWGE-SC, found in Metatrol, has the same biological effect as 5,500 mg of pure FWGE, found in AvéULTRA®, and 17,000 mg of spray-dried FWGE, found in original Avé®. (Fig. 1)

From Pure Nature to Pure Power

Metatrol FWGE-SC® from American BioSciences is the most potent and super-concentrated Fermented Wheat Germ Extract dietary supplement ever produced, and the only one that is gluten-free! Research shows that Metatrol has the same biological effect and health benefits as original Avé and AvéULTRA formulations, so you can expect to receive the same results, plus many enhanced benefits, such as:

  • SUPER-CONCENTRATED: Just 2 capsules have the same active ingredients as 1 packet of AvéULTRA!
  • GLUTEN-FREE: For people with gluten or wheat allergies and sensitivities!
  • TAKE ANY TIME OF DAY: Before, during, or after meals, with or without other medications and supplements!
  • NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED: It’s heat stable up to 122°F!
  • SAME PRICE AS AvéULTRA: No price increase!

Metatrol is the FWGE for everyone! Everything you want and need in FWGE, nothing you don’t!