1. The Connection between Your Health and Happiness

    Health can be influenced by your state of mind and you shouldn’t "worry yourself sick.” While many people push this to the side, thinking that their body is going to do what their body is going to do no matter what mood or mental state one has, this idea may have been dismissed prematurely. Don’t be so quick to pass over the connection between your state of mind and your immune system. For m…Read More

  2. Don’t Overeat During the Holidays

    During the holidays, it’s easy to lose yourself in all the delicious treats that are to be had. While normally you might be good about eating reasonable portions and a wide variety of healthy foods, the holidays provide many tempting sweets and treats that you can’t say no to. While opting to have a couple yogurt covered pretzels or a small slice of pie during the holiday season isn’t the en…Read More

  3. What it Means to Eat a Balanced Diet

    Gone are the days of the food pyramid. Now a balanced diet is visually identified through a plate or pie chart system. While this style of displaying a balanced diet can be helpful, it can also be hard to understand all the aspects that truly make up a healthy and balanced diet. Previously on the blog, we talked about some foods that can be inflammatory triggers and should be avoided. As a follow-…Read More